In a world where the pressure to get higher marks is sought after in a way that a child’s fears, stress and anxieties often get neglected, IAS officer Anju Sharma gives a fresh perspective.

When she failed her Chemistry paper in the pre-board exam in Class 10, she developed a preparation strategy for all her upcoming exams and life.

Here are a few lessons.....

Leaving everything for the last minute and lack of preparation led to a bad result. Her formula was now to always complete the syllabus well in advance and take a break on the eve of any examination.

Applying this mantra, she went on to complete her BSc and MBA from the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur where was a gold medalist in both!

While appearing for UPSC, too, she stuck to this strategy and the day before she was to appear, Sharma was “chilling” and “relaxing”.

“Remember, UPSC CSE is only an exam, you will get innumerable chances to make things right. Choose the study pattern as per your comfort,” she says.

For parents, she says that instead of hammering an already stressed-out kid, talk to them. If you don’t judge them, they always come to you in turbulent times. Prepare them to accept failures with grace.