How a Man From Allahabad Established Hyderabad’s Iconic Pen Store With a Sherwani

Located on Abids Road, Hyderabad’s iconic Deccan Pen store was founded by S A Siddiqui in the 1920s.

A treasure trove of fountain pens.

The collection boasting of Hugo Boss, Waterman, Parker, Mont Blanc, Sheaffer, Blackbird, and more.

Did you know that it started after Siddiqui, originally from Allahabad, pawned his only sherwani?

He travelled to Calcutta (Kolkata), purchased fountain pens from a foreigner, and sold them door-to-door in Hyderabad.

The collection attracted all kinds of buyers — the British, the maharajas, and the common man. Awais recalls the time when Nawabzada Muhammad Yusef Ali Khan had ordered close to 300 Blackbird pens.

For the next 20 years, Siddiqui expanded the store singlehandedly. After he passed away in 1958, his eldest son Kareem Akhter Siddiqui took over.

The karigars use the same equipment that Siddiqui used.

The store sells an average of 20 via online, offline, and over the counter. Their pens sell all over India, as well as in countries like France, Germany, UK, and US.

Most of their clientele include court judges and lawyers. The store has seen many prominent figures, including Sania Mirza, Kapil Dev, ministers, and Tollywood actors.