Missing the nostalgic flavours of aam papad and imili candies from his childhood, Shrey Arora spent much of his time in search of brands that sold the healthy snacks he had grown up eating.

But all he met were dead ends.

His search ended when he stumbled upon his wife Urvashi’s grandmother’s tasty and healthy candy bars.

The tastes reminiscent of his childhood inspired him to take Urvashi’s grandmother’s recipes a notch further. With Urvashi, he launched Trick or Treat Foods in February 2022.

The brand aims to provide healthy snacking options to kids with no refined sugar, preservatives, sulphites, colours or artificial flavours.

“We only use quality, chemical-free fruits, jaggery and spices in our products. We use lemon juice as a preservative in candy roll-ups to provide a shelf-life of up to seven months,” Shrey explains.

The fruits used in making the candies are sourced from farmers in South India. The pulp is stored at -18 degrees Celsius to make the candies.

The brand offers fruit roll-up in six flavours — mango, kacha aam, pineapple, strawberry, pink guava, and imli.

They also have coco energy bars, whose main ingredient is chana sattu (gram flour). These are also their best sellers.

The goodies are available to purchase on their website, social media handles, Amazon and Indiamart.