Despite having a slanting roof, Kerala resident and retired engineer TK Sajeevan expanded his home garden to his terrace.

He built a stand according to the slope of the terrace and placed the pots on it. Today, his terrace has 100 stands built for a price of less than  Rs 7,000.

Here are some tips from the 63-year-old if you plan to set up grow bag stands on your slanted terrace.

Share the idea with someone who is experienced in metal and welding work and seek their help.

Decide how many stands you need based on the number of grow bags or pots to be placed.

Try square pipe instead of MS pipe, which lasts longer and is more cost-effective. Earthen or cement pots can also be placed on the stand.

Fix the size of the stand as per the diameter of the pots and place them where there is direct exposure to sun and rain. Paint them occasionally to avoid rusting.

Check the availability of space and build stands accordingly to hold multiple pots. This can help save material and labour costs.

Remember that one pair of legs will be longer than the opposite pair. The difference between the legs of both sides must be the slope of the terrace.

Take extra care while checking the plants placed on a slanted terrace. Remember that change in material, size, and number will change the total cost.