Composting stands out as one of the most effective methods for enriching soil and providing essential nutrients to plants. Moreover, it offers a sustainable solution for managing kitchen waste.

There exist various composting techniques, each utilising different ingredients in diverse proportions.

Deepak Kushwaha, a terrace garden expert based in Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, makes compost using potato peels.

Deepak has been gardening for over a decade and shares tips on plant maintenance on his YouTube channel ‘Terrace and Gardening’, which has over one million subscribers.

He grows vegetables like brinjal, tomato, bitter gourd, and okra organically, and credits a well-maintained compost pit for his success.

He says that compost manure causes no harmful effects and aids in elevating the taste and health of vegetables. Additionally, it is economical and easy.

“We always look after the plants but don’t pay enough attention to the soil. It is important to help the soil to gain essential nutrients which in turn aid the growth of a plant,” says Deepak.

Talking about the benefits of the compost, he states that “potato peels are rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. All these nutrients increase the growth of our plants.”

Here is how you can make compost using potato peels:

1. Add a handful of potato peels to a container filled with one litre of water.

2. Close the container and keep it aside for four days.

3. Mix the solution with a spoon once every 24 hours.

4. After four days, filter it using a sieve, and add an equal amount of water to this solution.

5. Once the compost water is ready, pour in small quantities under each plant.