Ravneet Kaur describes herself as a “plant aficionado” as she loves to spend time amidst all things green in nature.

Her 2,000 sq ft terrace reflects her personality as it has plants growing in over 200 pots.

“I grew up in Chandigarh where our backyard had numerous fruit trees. So in a sense, I grew up amidst greenery. I missed that when I married and moved to Ludhiana,” she says.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit and Ravneet had a lot of time on hand, she decided to grow a few plants on her terrace.

Watching online videos of people growing plants on their terraces and small spaces became a source of inspiration for her.

“I remember planting the brinjal and a lemon plant and kept waiting for it to flower. Despite being easy plants to grow I got nothing from them,” she says.

The process, she says, taught her patience and resilience. “The more patience, the better the chances of growing your food,” she adds.

Ravneet also advises to ‘go desi’. She says, “As much as possible, plant things that are indigenous to the place you live in.”

“There is no point in growing fruits and vegetables that you do not consume. Ensure that you plant and nurture what your family and you can enjoy.”

She currently grows a variety of vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, radish and carrots in her garden.

“Always be careful about planting the seeds in the right season to get a flourishing fruit”, she advises.

While tending to her garden, she also started documenting her journey on Instagram, which now has over one lakh followers.