As we deal with the rising temperatures, Harpreet Singh Ahluwalia, a Noida-based gardener’s tips, to naturally cool the body, come to the rescue.

Now in her 60s, she grows over 75 varieties of vegetables throughout the year on her terrace garden.

“Summer vegetables entail creepers and plants, which require a lot of ground space. But the best part is that these creepers have a longer period of harvest, of 2-3 months, which allows larger produce,” she says.

Harpreet shares some tips to grow summer vegetables, step by step.

1. Bottle gourds, bitter gourds, white gourds and pumpkins, she says, can be easily grown using the following method:

Create an elevated platform such that there is space for creepers to grow. And ensure that the creepers are easily accessible for an easy harvest.

Buy the vegetable seeds from the market and dry them. Remember to pre-soak them overnight before sowing them directly into the soil.

“All summer vegetables take about 15 days of germination time before they start growing,” Harpreet informs.

2. She says that okra can be easily grown in rows. “The only important thing to remember is to have a gap of about 18 inches between them.”

3. To grow brinjal, she suggests germinating the seeds in a tray or in small pots till they grow into seedlings. “Then, they can be moved to a bigger pot.”

4. Chillies are also simple to grow, says Harpreet. She advises sowing the seeds directly in the pots.

5. To grow leafy vegetables like mint, amaranth, spinach etc, she says, “Roughly spread the seeds across the bed or pots, or replant the roots of the vegetables bought from the market.”

In the case of the latter, keep the stem of the plants in water for 2–3 weeks so that the roots start growing, thus making them ready to be planted in the soil.

Harpreet suggests the soil used be porous, soft, and rich in nutrients. “Spraying a solution of neem, turmeric or chilly spray every 15 days can help prevent a pest attack.”

“Always check for moisture before watering the soil. Water the soil generously, only if it appears dry.” Harpreet recommends watering plants before sunrise and late evening.