Quintessential traditional farming involves soil filled in pots, grow bags or planting the trees directly in the ground.

However, ever wonder how today a farmer can grow crops without using soil altogether?

Aeroponic farming is a soilless farming technique that makes this possible.

A potato technology centre located in the Karnal district of Haryana is paving the way forward with this kind of soilless farming.

It not only overcomes the issue of land shortage but also increases the yield up to 10 times.

It utilises less amount of water and nutrients, which again reduces the farming cost.

Here’s how you can grow potatoes using aeroponics at home!


Install an aeroponic farming system with the help of those experienced in the field or make one of your own under their guidance.

Plant healthy potato seeds in foam-stuffed tiny pots and hang them in a position where they receive sunlight.

In a few days, the roots will show. Make sure they touch the water below.

At definite intervals, mix nutrients in the water. The first harvest can be made in 70-80 days.