Engineer Komal Singh runs a YouTube channel ‘Urban Home Vibes’ where she educates over one lakh urban gardening enthusiasts on how to start their journey.

The engineer from Bihar has a 2 BHK apartment which could easily be mistaken for a nursery at first glance.

With more than 120 plants including tomatoes, capsicums, ginger and beetroot, this mini garden has it all.

While corporate life took a toll on Komal’s love for gardening a few years ago, she resumed her green activities last year when she moved to Bengaluru.

She frequently posts about composting, microgreens, preparing fertilisers, etc.

Here are some of the many tips that Komal shares for urban gardeners:

1. A mixture of 1 litre of water, jaggery and garlic peels increases the plants’ resistance to disease while also promoting growth.

2. You can grow plants from seeds or cuttings if you don’t wish to buy saplings.

3. Don’t over-water the plant to avoid root rot. Good soil drainage is essential to ensure healthy root health, especially for plants that have deep taproots.

4. Vegetables like red amaranth, mint and spinach thrive in small spaces too.

5. For optimal fertilised soil, dump your kitchen waste into a pot and cover it to the brim with soil or cocopeat. After a few weeks, you can proceed to grow plants in this soil without using fertiliser.

Komal emphasises that all you need to start a garden in your urban home is good quality seeds, soil, and a mix of 50 percent soil, 30 percent compost and 20 percent cocopeat.

She can often be heard encouraging everyone around her, “Start where you are with whatever you have.”