Sidharth Varman had been off-roading for around 15 years. He and his group would often put up makeshift tents during these experiences.

However, this wasn’t very comfortable as the tents did not have showers and other amenities. This was when the idea of building a campervan struck him.

Sidharth launched Roadhouse Campervan, a rental service, in 2020.

After a gruelling period of a year, which extended from August 2020 to July 2021, the fruit of his efforts was on wheels, ready to make trips.

The van is a complete home with a kitchenette consisting of a gas and a burner stove along with cooking utensils.

The bathroom lies opposite it with an overhead tank with a capacity of 250 litres.

At the far end of the campervan are the bed and the lounging area, while the skylight above the van provides guests with a beautiful view of the heavens at night.

The van also has plenty of charging points so that people can comfortably work, while charging their laptops, cameras, phones, etc.

There is a small place behind the bathroom that doubles as a working space when it isn’t being used to keep the ice box.

The campervan is an off-grid one that can run regardless of power and water availability. A 150 A battery in the campervan is powered by two 100 W solar panels.

During the day, the panels are charged and excess power is stored in the battery, which is then used at night or when it rains.

Sidharth suggests that the way to guess the wattage of solar panels needed is by estimating consumption.

“Make sure the panel size is well within the boundaries of your vehicle and always angle panels to about 15 degrees for max efficiency,” he notes.

Currently, Sidharth rents out one campervan. You can rent the van from morning 10 am to the next day 10 am for a charge of Rs 6,999 and a driver’s fee of Rs 500.