Prachi Dhabal Deb, a financial analyst turned baker, is known for her unique figurines of Indian brides, all of which are edible!

The 36-year-old from Pune has been baking since the age of 10 and quit her corporate job in 2011 to dive full-time into this passion.

In 2021, a customer of hers who was getting married asked her if she could bake cookies resembling her attire. And Prachi did!

The cookies enabled Prachi to combine her love for art and baking, and they created a storm on social media.

Today, Prachi is not only known for her bridal cookies and customised cakes but also for the royal icing technique she learnt from Sir Eddie Spence MBE.

The world-renowned baker is credited with curating nine cakes for the Royal Family. These included wedding cakes for Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana.

While the traditional recipe of royal icing includes egg whites, Prachi has come up with an eggless version.

Her creation, Vegan Eggless Royal Icing is a ready-to-use product by Sugarin, deployed by many cake artists for piping.

The product is available in India, the US, the UK, Canada, Mexico and Malaysia, and has sold over one lakh units, says Prachi.