Every year, 92 million tonnes of textile waste is generated, which translates to one truck full of clothes ending up in landfills every second.

Anshika Yadav, a fashion designer, who was working at an export house, was shocked when she saw huge amounts of fabric scraps being dumped daily.

An NIFT Bhubaneswar graduate, she quit her job and worked on finding a solution by upcycling fabric waste.

“Those fabrics used to lie there and decay for a very long time and were ultimately thrown into the landfills. That made me realise that they could be saved from being dumped and be made into something new,” says Anshika.

The Prayagraj resident then founded a sustainable clothing brand Save As in January 2021.

She started visiting boutiques and tailors in her neighborhood and collected discarded fabric, which she converted into beautiful pieces of clothing.

Starting from a room in her house, she today employs 15 local women in her unit.

She upcycles the scrap pieces into shirts, dresses, sarees, accessories, and bags.

“During my research, I realised that in order to make a difference, I had to reach out to a larger audience. This meant making sustainability more affordable without compromising on the quality,” adds the designer.

Anshika has catered to over 8,000 customers till date and has upcycled over 1,400 kg of scrap fabric.