On a project to transform a run-down factory, Koshy P Koshy found something that would later become the foundation of his dream workspace.

While dismantling the factory, he discovered discarded tiles and steel that appeared as waste to many, but Koshy saw them as an opportunity for a sustainable project.

These steel and tiles became the foundation of Koshish — a sustainable workspace nestled amidst nature in Kochi.

Explaining the thought behind Koshish, he says, “The building is truly us trying to be closer to nature and live in harmony with it. It is inspired by my father as the first house he built was named Koshish too.”

Upcycling wood and steel and using Mangalore tiles was never part of Koshy’s initial plan for his office. He initially wanted to create a structure that is elevated from the ground to utilise the breathtaking view of the surrounding lush green location.

“When we started, I wanted to make the office a sustainable place and use natural materials as a primary source. But then when I saw the factory, I got this [repurposing] idea,” he says.

“All the tiles cost us close to nothing as the client was in no mood to use them, and I could see the potential,” he informs.

The three-levelled building is made out of 90 percent repurposed and upcycled materials. The inside and the outside of the building are the same — it has Mangalore tiles on both sides.

The lower level is open and includes a fish pond and service area. The workspace is situated above. There’s also an inner courtyard in the middle of the building, providing ample open space.

The building has huge glass windows to allow the natural light to flood in. He shares that they not only provide good ventilation but also help cool the space thanks to the tiles. “We won’t need any air conditioning even when the Kerala temperature sores up,” he says.

Koshy believes in co-existing with nature and hopes to promote this idea as much as he can. “Knowing our building is made with natural materials and has not harmed nature at all is a wonderful feeling; it makes life a lot simpler,” he says.