Amid financial hardships, Bihar’s Dilkhush Kumar learnt to drive and provide for his family. But unable to receive a decent pay in the village, he relocated to Delhi in 2010 to earn a better income.

However, driving in Delhi seemed difficult. “I did not know about u-turns, one-ways, and many other traffic rules. I bought a rickshaw so that I could learn basic rules as I move around,” he says.

In 2011, he bought a second-hand car with his savings and started driving in Patna.

Around this time, he observed the demand for cab services like Ola and Uber. He also observed a gap in the tours and travel industry and saw a good opportunity to address it.

“In Bihar, cab drivers charge two-way fares from passengers. A flight from Delhi to Patna costs Rs 3,000, but if the person has to travel around 150 km to Darbhanga, cabs charge Rs 4,000,” he points out.

“Besides passengers, drivers were also not happy with outstation services, since they would return without any passengers wasting their fuel,” he explains.

Dilkhush wanted to optimise the cost and come up with a solution so that problems of both parties are addressed, ensuring that this industry thrives in Bihar.

In 2022, he launched a mobile application called RodBez to provide affordable outstation one-way taxi, taxipool, and carpool services.

“We designed an algorithm to match realtime cabs and riders going on the same route. With this, we have been able to reduce cab expenses for passengers by half,” he informs.

Dilkhush now aims to connect cities with cities in the second phase, villages with villages in the third, and other states in the fourth phase.