Kanak Saxena’s days are unlike any other senior citizen. She wakes up at 4:30 am and heads straight to the kitchen — not to cook for her family but for more than 120 dogs.

An avid dog lover now, the 90-year-old was not always a friend to the furry fellows. It was her granddaughter Sana who brought her dog Coco home that eventually changed Kanak’s mind.

“When Sana brought a dog home, I slowly started getting attached to him. My day started revolving around feeding him, playing with him, and just loving him,” she says.

“When Sana started taking care of street dogs, I wanted to help with that. As I can’t physically go and feed them, I feel satisfied by cooking for them,” says Kanak.

The death of a street dog named Bholu during the pandemic pushed the duo further to help the street dogs. In March 2020, the family began feeding 10–20 dogs on a street in Vaishali, Ghaziabad.

Kanak hasn’t let health problems like osteoporosis, fractures, or major operations come in the way.

Presently, the number of dogs she feeds has grown to more than 120. They use almost 10 kg of rice daily, along with chicken. Kanak loves experimenting with food daily.

They also build temporary shelters, do rescue and adoption operations, and get the dogs vaccinated.

Sana also runs a page called Paws in Puddle on Instagram, which she uses to educate people about dogs and encourage adoptions.

Kanak attributes the happiness and love she receives by feeding these dogs as the secret to her health.