Kolkata’s iconic Pice hotels offer affordable and comforting meals to people from all walks of life — be it IT professionals or migrant workers – for just Rs 3!

The Pice hotels originated during the British Raj in the 1900s. Back then, ‘Pice’ was a monetary unit of British India equivalent to a quarter of an anna.

The food prepared was strictly traditional with comforting items like maach bhaja (fried fish), maacher jhol (fish curry). They would serve the food on banana leaves and the customers would be seated on mats on the floor.

Here are a few iconic Pice hotels that you must visit on your next trip to Kolkata.

Hotel Sidheshwari Ashram: This eatery is famous for its special Kobiraji Jhol, which is basically a healthy fish curry preparation with raw banana, potato, papaya, and very little oil.

Tarun Niketan Hotel: This establishment is known for its meat and fish dishes, especially hansher dim (duck egg) curry and mutton curry.

Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel: With its 28 types of vegetarian dishes, this eatery is the answer to every vegetarian tourist’s complaint that Kolkata has no good vegetarian food.

Jagannath Ashram Hotel: Try their watery mutton curry with rice for lunch and top it off with roshogollas from Ghosh Cabin.

Parbati Hotel: This Pice hotel is a fish lover’s paradise with over 10 fish items to choose from every single day.

Pice Hotels continues to keep the nostalgia alive through pure ingredients and authentic flavours. Here, you are guaranteed a full belly, but never a light pocket.