Ram, 33, was constantly feeling restless and lethargic, and his energy levels were low.

He thought it was because of the new baby in the house.

But one morning, he suffered a heart attack.

Before the incident, he was a regular at the gym, and his stamina levels were good. He had no physical symptoms, especially concerning breathing.


So how did a healthy man like him get a heart attack?

He did not pay attention to symptoms like: 

1: Dizziness 2: Bloating 3: Dark circles 4: Frequent headaches 5: Acidity

Doctors mentioned that he was perhaps confusing the angina pain to be acidity.

Here are symptoms to watch out for:

– Extreme fatigue – Shortness of breath – Racing heart – Vomiting – Nausea – Dizziness – Sweating – Uneasy feeling