Vaibhav Kaushik travels by cabs and through conversations with drivers, he realised the biggest pain point for CNG cabs.

The problem – serpentine queues at fuel stations. He learnt that drivers lose 10 percent of their daily earnings in queues.

The BITS Pilani graduate started working on a solution to this in 2019, with his friends Aalaap Nair and Aryan Sisodia.

They came up with two solutions through their venture Nawgati, an app for consumers, and their flagship product, Aaveg, a B2B platform, for fuel companies.

They built a queue management platform, which helps improve compliance, achieve operational efficiency, monitor real-time congestion, and direct customers to less crowded stations nearby.

‘Aaveg’ which is Sanskrit for impulse, is built on a plug-and-play framework and aims to provide fuel companies ‘data within an impulse’.

Through their technology, they get insights into the congestion, waiting time, utilisation of each dispenser, and more.

They share this data with companies, helping them increase sales and reduce recurring costs.

Nawgati works on a subscription-based model and charges fuel stations on a monthly basis, starting from Rs 5,000.

They are present at Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL), Indian Oil outlets in Delhi-NCR, Mahanagar Gas (MGL) outlets in Mumbai, GAIL Gas, Torrent Gas, JioBP, HP Gas among others.

They want to onboard 15,000 fuel stations in the next two years and have filed a patent for the technology.

The founders signed a deal of Rs 67 lakhs in Shark Tank Season 2.