Dehradun resident and urban gardening enthusiast Milan Kumar says that all you need to grow garlic at home are a few old plastic containers and baskets.

Having been gardening for years, Milan has been able to grow several fruits and vegetables even in the limited space of his home.

Among these is garlic, known for having antioxidant properties and offering protection against the common cold, besides lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Milan grows garlic at home in plastic containers and baskets. “While green garlic or garlic leaves can be grown in the container, the basket can be utilised to cultivate garlic as a whole.”

In eight easy steps, he shares how he does it.

Step 1: Take an old plastic basket with a wide surface area.

Step 2: Make holes in every corner of the basket to allow excess water to flow out.

Step 3: Fill the container with garden soil, cocopeat, and vermicompost in equal proportions. Add a piece of neem cake and 1 tbsp of ash, both of which act as excellent fertilisers.

Step 4: Insert garlic cloves, leaving at least 3-5 inches in between, so that they may grow well.

Step 5: Place the pointed end of each clove facing the outward direction.

Step 6: Sprinkle water every alternate day. You should see sprouts in less than a month. Give the garlic another 2-3 months to fully grow.

Step 7: When the leaves begin to turn yellow, your garlic is ready for harvest!

Milan says that a basket of up to 8 x 5 inches can hold up to 10 whole garlic.