Winter is here in all its glory. This means your garden might need some attention.

Yashika Bisht from Uttarakhand has a blooming garden and as winter approaches, she tends to change her gardening tactics.

Here, she shares some tips to keep your garden healthy.

1. Weed out your plants

One thing to ensure while de-weeding is to remove the weeds right from the root and use manual methods instead of chemicals that will pose a risk to the other healthy plants.

2. Prune the damaged plants

“Sometimes plants tend to rot due to excess water or have leggy growth due to lack of sunlight,” she says.

What pruning essentially does is promote healthy plant growth by improving air circulation and enabling the plants to get their fill of sunlight.

3. Till your garden

Before you can begin planting your winter seeds, you should consider tilling the soil. This process improves aeration by breaking compact pieces of soil.

It also encourages essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous in the lower layers to emerge into the upper ones.

4. Add compost to the soil

Balancing soil density is integral to the growth of plants and compost is one of the best ways of ensuring the density remains optimal.

Whether it is kitchen waste, manure or wood mulch you plan to use, ensure it is a 50:50 mix of nitrogen and carbon-rich material.