1. Ajay Gupta At just nine months old, Ajay was diagnosed with polio, which left both his legs and left hand paralysed. He faced many difficulties due to his immobility, the biggest one being that he couldn’t attend school till he turned six, as there weren’t any facilities then.

But today, he is the founder of a well-known preschool franchise — Bachpan. These schools are present nationwide, with 1,200 franchisees, teaching almost one lakh students every year.

2. Shweta Maurya Varanasi-based Shweta Maurya was born with a genetic and incurable disease called osteogenesis imperfecta — a health condition that affects bones, causing deformities and making them fragile.

Being bedridden for most of her life never stopped her from helping stray animals. She started the Astha Loving Kindness and Compassion (ALKC) Foundation, which gives shelter to injured and abandoned animals. So far, Shweta has been able to help over 400 animals.

3. Aneesh Karma Aneesh Karma is a living example of the saying — ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Dealing with disability himself, Aneesh had fi rst-hand experienced the difficulties that came with being disabled. 

He innovated a device called MASC-KAFO which helps people with weak lower limbs to improve their gait. The innovation benefits the elderly and people with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and polio, among other ailments.

4.  N S Hema Late N S Hema who suffered from polio lost both her legs when she was just a young girl. She founded the Association of People with Disability in Bengaluru to help people with disabilities find jobs.

The NGO provides horticulture training to people with disabilities to help them become skilled landscapers and gardeners. They have trained over 5,000 disabled persons in horticulture who have gotten jobs in places like Earthling Service Pvt Ltd, Garden Care Nursery, Mitti Café etc.

5. Pramit Bhargava Nearly 22 years ago, Pramit Bhargava was prescribed a drug for a certain rheumatic disorder while working at Hindustan Unilever. Upon consuming this drug, however, his retina was damaged and he suffered a loss of vision.

Wanting to help people with vision problems, the IIT and IIM alumnus made Louie voice control — a voice-controlled app developed in India, aiding the visually impaired by allowing them to access WhatsApp, Uber, and more.