Canboo Crafts When Guwahati-based Varsha Bajaj lost her husband unexpectedly, she decided to go back to work. Working corporate jobs, she found something “missing” in her life. She decided to start her own business and thus, Canboo Crafts was born.

Canboo Crafts makes coffee tables, lampshades, chairs, couch sets, backrest chairs, garden chairs, headboards, swingers and more out of bamboo with the help of artisans from Assams.

Bambas Aakansh Chaturvedi (26), an IIT Bombay design student, made unique headphones out of bamboo using traditional craftsmanship while maintaining a sleek and modern design.

The headphones, named Bambas, are 70 percent recyclable and biodegradable.

Amwoodo Eco Products Fuelled with the desire to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make it easier for others, Agni Mitra, an engineer from Kolkata, started Amwoodo Eco Products. The company makes products out of bamboo.

They make products such as bamboo combs, toothbrushes etc. The company made Rs 2.65 crore turnover in the last financial year.

The Bamboo Bae Concerned by the amount of plastic generated by the hospitality industry, Delhi-based Sanchit Goya and Anuj Sagar started ‘The Bamboo Bae’.

They make everyday items like toothbrushes, combs, razors and more from bamboo. Selling to major hotel chains, the bootstrapped startup selling these handcrafted products, clocked in Rs 70 lakh revenue in the 2021-2022 financial year.

Abhisar Innovatives Fondly known as the ‘Bamboo Woman’ in Maharashtra, 29-year-old Meenakshi Walke founded Abhisar Innovatives. She makes bamboo products such as rakhi, QR codes, baskets, trays, jewellery, and lamps.

For her work, she was conferred with the Nari Shakti Award in 2018. In 2021, the Indo-Canadian Art and Culture Society presented her with the Woman Hero Award.