It is estimated that India produces 550 million tonnes of crop residue every year. Several startups have come forward to utilise agri-waste to provide a viable alternative to plastic cutlery in India.

Here is the list of five startups that make eco-friendly sustainable disposables from agricultural residue.

It was launched by Rishabh and Rohan Suri, with the aim of replacing plastic products. The uniqueness of the products make them safe to be eaten by animals.

Launched in 2017, the startups’ tableware can endure microwaves, ovens, and freezers, and maintains a sturdy design to ensure your food doesn’t fall out.

For this, he uses a host of natural waste materials like banana leaves, wheat and rice bran, millet waste, and more, to produce products like teacups, juice and wine glasses, water bottles, airtight flasks, and food containers.