Potted plants need extra care in summer. If you are worried about finding the time to water your greens, here are five easy self-watering hacks to keep your plants healthy.

Bottom-watering method: Fill a tray with water and place the pot on it. The plant will absorb the water through the drainage holes present at the bottom of the pot.

Water-wicking method: Make wicks using cotton clothes, shoelaces, or jute threads. Place these inside a large container filled with water.

Then, push one end of the wick a few inches deep into the pot. Slowly, it will transfer moisture from the container into the plant.

Plastic bag mini-greenhouse method: Cover your plant with a big plastic cover and fix it around the pot using tape. Keep the plant in indirect sunlight.

This mini-greenhouse setup helps in capturing the water that evaporates, and the water drops drip back into the plant.

Bottle drip method: Take a plastic bottle and make a few holes in its cap. Fill the bottle with water, turn it over, and push it into the soil.

Water the soil before setting up the method so that the plant doesn’t draw all the water immediately from the bottle, allowing it to last longer.

Earthern pot method: Take an unglazed terracotta pot. Burry the earthen pot into the soil with its neck protruding slightly. Then fill it with water.

Close the mouth of the pot with a sturdy material like a tile. The water would seep into the soil from the pot thereby retaining the moisture in the soil. Refill the pot when it’s empty.