1. Eat Raja Known for implementing zero-waste concepts, this unique juice bar in Malleswaram serves fresh and unsweetened juices in fruit shells. Run by radio jockey-turned-entrepreneur RJ Raaj, Eat Raja encourages customers to bring their own container for takeaways.

Raaj also uses citrus to make natural bio-enzyme cleaners, turning wet waste into eco-friendly compost and fertilisers.

2. Arogya Ahaara Located in J P Nagar, this restaurant serves South Indian and North Indian cuisine, with several millet-based dishes.

To promote the idea of sustainable living, the restaurant asks its customers to bring their own boxes, bowls and bottles for every type of takeaway order of food, which is measured in grams/kilos.

3. Go Native Go, Native has 5 outlets in different locations in the city. Their dishes are made with organic, seasonal and farm-fresh produce sourced from farms within a radius of 500 km to ensure the best flavours with a minimal carbon footprint.

Launched by Anvitha Prashanth, Radeesh Shetty and Jenny Pinto in 2017, the entire cafe is run on solar power and harvests rainwater on the rooftop.

4. The GreenPath Organic State Situated in Malleswaram is founded by H R Jayaram, a lawyer turned organic farmer. The place has an organic restaurant, detox cafe, and an organic store with their restaurant selling farm-to-table organic food.

All raw material is grown on Jayaram’s organic farm, which runs only on rainwater. All parts of the farm, including the restaurant, use biogas and solar panels to generate as much energy as possible.

5. Corner House One of the most iconic desert places in the city, Corner House has introduced the ‘Bring Your Own Bowl’ (BYOB) initiative to cut down on their plastic burden and take a step towards sustainability.

The brand has taken up an initiative to contribute Rs 10 to a worthy cause for every disposable container you save.