Ajwain, also known as bishop’s weed or carom seed, is a common member of the spice box in Indian kitchens. But did you know that it has healing properties too?

Here are some reasons why you should include it in your daily diet.

Ajwain can help with indigestion if you have it every morning on an empty stomach. Soak two tablespoons overnight, boil it in water and let it cool before consuming. The drink is ideal after a heavy meal too.

It also helps in shedding extra weight and reduces bloating and  constipation. It is recommended for pregnant women too.

Drinking ajwain water after a meal, or including the spice in the meal, can help to reduce acidity and flatulence.

Even actress Parineeti Chopra recommends adding ajwain to your daily diet. It is also a remedy for cold and cough.

She says that a mix of jeera (cumin), saunf (fennel), ajwain (carom) and ginger, boiled for 3-4 minutes and consumed on an empty stomach, is good for gut health and digestive system.