At a health checkup held by his office in August 2022, 33-year-old Ram Malampati's medical reports indicated high cholesterol levels and a fatty liver.

Instead of letting the reports slide, the Bengaluru resident decided to take affirmative action and managed to get his weight to 77.5 kg from the 102.6 kg he weighed at the time.

Here’s what he did.

“I started getting up by 6:30 am and went for a walk from 7–8 am. After work in the evening, I went walking for another hour from 6–7 pm,” says the software professional.

He replaced rice with millet options like ragi and jowar. Instead of regular idlis and dosas, he started consuming ragi dosa, ragi malt, and jowar rotis.

“As I cut down my portions, I would feel hungry in between meals. So, I started having buttermilk whenever I felt hungry,” adds Ram.

“When I eat outside, I have salads and soups. If you take a cup of rice, take a similar amount of veggies,” he advises.

“If you don’t see results in the first month, don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. What’s important is being consistent. I would go for walks even on Sundays and maintain that 2.5 hours of walking daily,” he adds.

The diet that changed the game: Breakfast at 10 am: Egg whites, ragi malt, and a fruit like an apple or pomegranate.

Lunch at 2 pm: Vegetable upma/one cup rice/chapati/ragi or jowar dosa/chicken or vegetable curry with carrot and cucumber salad.

Dinner: Fruit salad along with a chapati with vegetable curry. In between: Lots of buttermilk mixed in a 1:3 ratio (curd : water).