At the age of 89, Padma Parikh runs her own handicraft business. She sells crocheted birds, sieved bedsheets, keychains, earrings, cradle lace, purses, and other such products.

Her handmade items are so endeared that she has established a customer base not only in India but also in at least 10 countries — including the USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Canada.

Since childhood, Padma has been curious about making the best from waste. “I would utilise old torn sarees and dupattas to make door mats, pillow covers, sheets, and purses,” she says.

Seeing a business opportunity, her granddaughters Bansari and Heer went to her with the challenging task of making crocheted birds.

“It took me three days to figure this out. It is not easy to crochet; it takes a lot of patience. I fixed the mistakes without getting frustrated, and finally, my crochet bird was ready,” smiles Padma.

That gave the sisters the idea of helping their nani set up an online business, ‘PB Handmades’ (PB stands for Padma Baa). They posted the bird’s picture on Instagram, and soon, they started getting orders.

“I really get excited when I get orders for my products. I try to be creative with every order I get,” says Padma, who turned into an entrepreneur at 86.

Even at this age, she takes out at least three hours to crochet. Sadly, she cannot see with her one eye but her dedication drives her to crocheting intricate works.

Contrasting against her pale cotton sarees, Padma even flaunts her colourful crocheted purses and models for the product photoshoot as well.

Hum thakato nathi. Hum juso shauk ne vaste karun chun (I do not get exhausted by doing this work. That’s because I do it out of passion). Crocheting soothes me,” she says.