Prince Mamman was introduced to farming at a very young age when he started helping his father out on their vegetable farm.

Based in Kollam, Kerala, Prince says spending those hours in the field helped him develop a love for nature.

He noted that children are not interested in the outdoors anymore, and he wanted to re-spark the joy in these activities.

That’s what his robot Gardro, which was built under the aegis of his company Freeman Robots, aims to do.

Alongside nurturing his love for nature and farming, he also developed an interest in robotics.

He says, “I saw a lot of robotic farming equipment being built abroad, and thought of building (something similar) in India. I’ve grown up seeing people farm, so I want to make their lives easier. The ultimate goal is to make robotic farms a reality.”

In 2021, he started working on Gardro with the aim of helping children “step outside, connect with nature, and develop a true love for gardening”.

The robot is a battery-operated, compact robot that helps keep your garden weed-free, he explains.

It weighs under 500 gm and is 20 cm in length, 12 cm wide and 10 cm tall (height) and also comes equipped with a camera and an application.

Gardro is equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms that also provide insights about plant health and growth.

“As the robot moves, you get the live visuals displayed on your mobile. You can also convert the normal video into virtual reality (VR) with a single click,” he explains.

Additionally, the robot is made keeping senior citizens in mind. “Gardro offers a chance for seniors to engage in gardening without the physical strain. Vegetable gardening is a very purposeful hobby, and I hope to make people realise that,” he says.

“This robot can help people of all age groups de-stress and enjoy. The younger generation can also explore planting different vegetables and fruits from the convenience of their homes,” he adds.