Did you know that PVA (polyvinyl acetate), which is used to make tyres and glue, is also used to make chewing gum?

The gooey gum that we love is not only bad for our health but also for the environment. As per reports, each year, chewing gum generates more than 105 tonnes of ‘plastic’ garbage.

This waste is hard to collect or track, and ends up living and polluting the earth for thousands of years.

A pair of brothers based in Bengaluru noticed this issue and decided to do something about it and make a greener alternative.

Founded by Mayank B Nagori and his brother, Bhuvan, Gud Gum is a “plastic-free, fully biodegradable and all-natural ingredient” chewing gum.

The chewing gums are made of a special base called chicory tree gum base, which is imported from America. It is a plant-based sap which is biodegradable.

“When people spit it out, it disintegrates in a couple of months or weeks, depending on the type of bacteria present in the soil,” Mayank explains.

The best part is that the company does not use any artificial colouring or flavour in the gums.

So far, they have sold more than 5 lakh pieces, says Mayank, and their products are packed in paper and tin boxes to make their packaging more eco-friendly as well.