Post delivering a baby girl in 2014, Dr Hemapriya Natesan from Madurai started a blog called ‘My little moppet’.

On it, she shared her mother and mother-in-law’s recipe for a traditional ‘sathumaavu’ powder (multigrain mix) and it was a huge hit.

This led to the start of her business selling nutritious food for children, which she named after her blog.

Over seven years, Hemapriya has supplied her healthy goodies to more than one lakh mothers.

What started as tips for new moms turned into a multi-crore company that earned a revenue of Rs 3 crore last year.

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The doctor claims, “What’s wonderful about the ‘sathumaavu’ powder is that it comprises 19 healthy ingredients and can be made into a porridge for babies or a drink for older kids.”

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Today, the brand sells sprouted ragi powder, dried dates powder, cookies, crackers, energy bars, porridge mixes, cereals, millet noodles, pancakes, etc, clocking 200 orders per day.

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The products range from Rs 149 (for the sprouted ragi mix 100 g trial pack) to Rs 302 (for the sathumaavu multigrain mix).

Hemapriya continues writing her blog, which features recipes, videos, meal plans, toys and activities for babies, information about growth milestones, and a lot more.

She also answers questions and doubts that parents have about bringing up a child.

In addition to running a thriving business, she also runs the Little Moppet Heart Foundation with her husband Dr Gopi Nallaiyan.

Here, they identify children with heart defects/diseases through medical camps across Tamil Nadu and perform their surgeries or medical treatment free of cost.

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“If you put your mind to doing something, you can achieve your goal. The idea is not to run behind money but run behind your passion,” she says.