While humans are able to acquire the food and water necessary to combat the sweltering summer, it’s not as easy for animals to do so. We found some interesting and helpful tried-and-tested methods that can make summer a little easier on the animals. So, here’s what you can try:

1. Coconut birdhouse Dig through the coconut to make a hole, where birds can find refuge from the sun. Hang it outside your house and watch as tiny birds flock to it for respite.

2. Folding dog house  Place a billboard panel flat against a wall and fix it with hinges at its top, such that it can open at the bottom to create a tent-like canopy for any dog in need. Install a small platform on the back of the panel to keep the dog above ground level.

3. Recycled bird feeder Place a clay pot with water and feed inside a thermocol shelter, so birds can easily access them. The ideal place to position this is on a terrace.

4. Upcycled bird feeder Upcycle a canister into a birdfeeder that can easily accommodate both feed and water for birds in summer. The tin can also keep the water cold. It can be hung anywhere around a house.

5. Stray shelter  Build a contraption with blankets and mesh that can house strays. The animals can survive both summer and winter with a proper roof, blankets and other necessities. 

6. Water for strays  Buy a clay pot, fill it with clean water, and place it anywhere on the street. Clay pots will keep the water cold throughout the day.

7. Shady carts  Build a shady cart by making a roof on top of the bullock cart using straw, a sack or an old blanket. This will protect the bull from the sun.

8. Hanging water pot  Place water pots anywhere possible; this is one of the easiest ways to help birds quench their thirst.