We've all had moments where life seems a bit too overwhelming. What really matters is our coping mechanism.

Aditya Verma (33), a former banker, shared on platform X about how he pulled himself out of the rut and what he learnt.

An investment banker for nine years, he says he was depressed, anxious, and addicted. A pre-diabetes diagnosis was a wake up call for him.

He says that between 2018 and 2021, he had a “full-blown meltdown”, and felt helpless, complaining constantly and blaming everyone.

“In the trenches,” he wrote, “every day felt like a year. But only 1.5 years later, I don’t recognise my life, myself, and don’t believe it often.”

Here are the 13 life lessons Aditya learned:

1.  “Victim mentality is a disease.” According to him, ‘radical responsibility’ will set you free.

2. “Sometimes, you need a slap in the face.” When his health and marriage began deteriorating, he decided to change.

3. “You’re too comfortable.” He says that moving out of your comfort zone and doing hard things makes life easier.

4. “You can only control yourself.” Aditya says that he was constantly blaming others but has realised that we can only control ourselves and our actions.

5. “You're killing yourself slowly.” He recalls a time when he was weak and was unable to do even one push up. Now, he exercises daily and is in his best shape.

6. “Seek help.” He admits that seeking help can be scary, but everything changed when he started therapy.

7. “Spend time with yourself.” Aditya embraced his own company and learned how to be alone. He says, “Stop numbing your mind.”

8. “Be grateful.” He went from being an eternal pessimist to one who practises gratitude—by maintaining a journal, “rewiring” his brain, and embracing abundance.

9. “Love yourself first.” He also says that from hating his own reflection, he began feeling proud of taking charge of his life.

10. “Stop chasing happiness, focus on being less miserable.” Miserable due to his 14-hour work days, which led to drinking and gaming, he quit his job and sold his PS4.

11. “We’re all gonna die.” We all think that there’s always tomorrow, but does time slow down for anyone? Aditya decided to stop waiting for tomorrow and focus on quality family time and hard work, he says.

12. “Fear is a signal.” Stepping out of his comfort zone, he decided to face his fears head on. He quit the job he hated, and decided to do what he loved most — write.

13. “It’ll feel longer than it is.” Aditya says he doesn’t recognise the past version of himself, and sometimes finds it hard to believe how far he has come.

Aditya is not a mental health professional and if you are in need of help, please seek help from a qualified mental health professional.