Some 20 years ago,  N Ramamurthi and his wife Rajeshwari rescued a woman abandoned by her family and took her in.

The elderly lady had leprosy, and the couple took care of all her needs, including food and medicines.

When word spread about what they had done, another elderly woman turned up at their doorstep with her belongings. Instead of turning her away, they invited her in.

This laid the foundation for MN Trust, which the couple started in 2005 to give shelter to the abandoned elderly.

To build rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a common area, the couple took a loan of Rs 70,000.

The elderly who live here include those abandoned by their children, or those who cannot afford any food.

Though they come with varying life stories, what they have in common is low self esteem.

“Every time we get a call to pick up someone or someone knocks at our door, they refuse to make eye contact. They do not talk and some even cry,” says Rajeshwari.

As soon as someone arrives, they are first given a proper bath, food, and new clothes. The couple also celebrates birthdays and festivals to make them feel like a family.

Currently, the shelter houses 51 people, the youngest being 45 and the eldest being 96. For those who pass away, the couple even performs their last rites.

It has been nearly 20 years since they have been dedicatedly working to provide a better life to the elderly.

“We believe that the world is one big family. Till we have the resources and energy to work, we will continue welcoming people,” says Rajeshwari.