“I feel like my current job is disconnected from the real world” “I want my work to make a difference” “I want to do something impactful, but I don’t know how to start”.

Many millennials today experience a quarter-life crisis. They want meaningful work but changing to unfamiliar fields can feel daunting.

To help you build a roadmap towards a high-impact career, The Better India has launched the second cohort of the ‘Careers with Purpose’ programme that aims to be the bridge that tides these worries over.

The eight-week program is designed to help young professionals discover and switch to a career in the social impact sector.

With this, participants will work on real-world social innovation projects with leading organisations, meet inspiring innovators through weekly guest sessions, and receive one-on-one mentoring from a changemaker.

We launched our first cohort in early June 2023, in which 15 professionals found their calling in the social impact sector. Two participants are set to launch their own social enterprises.

A participant from the first cohort, Hima Nandan, says, “Earlier, I lacked a clear understanding of the non-profit sector. But today, I feel more confident about the success of my journey after this programme.”

“This programme forced me to create a vision for myself and helped me narrow down the area to focus on. I have taken up a job opportunity as a principal specialist as the first step,” says Hima, who is currently working at the Udhyam Learning Foundation.

Another participant Rajarshi Kolli, who is currently working with Kheyti and developing his own prototype along with a full-time job says, “I've always aimed to align my professional path with my passion and values but lacked a definitive plan.”

“This programme provided me with a clear financial plan to pursue my ideas. The participants, team, guest experts, and the content [provided] have enabled me to explore avenues for contributing to rural development,” he adds.

The second cohort of the ‘Careers with Purpose’ programme is scheduled between October 15 and December 8, 2023.

This digital learning programme comprises a total of 16 live sessions and 10 sessions with guest experts — divided into eight weeks with personalised one-on-one mentoring.

There are only 30 seats available, and the full programme fee is Rs 50,000.