Did you know that to collect toddy from a single coconut tree, a labourer has to climb up the tree at least 270 times?

The task of tree climbing is both exhausting and hazardous, and Kerala has witnessed a decline in the number of tree climbers.

Many individuals engaged in this occupation face the constant risk of falling and sustaining injuries.

However, an innovator from Kochi has found a solution to this problem. Credited to have created the ‘World’s first coconut sap tapping robot’, Charles Vijay Verghese’s SAPER is helping farmers across Kerala.

While manual extraction of sap can take hundreds of turns, with SAPER the number reduces to two times once it is installed.

Charles started working on the robot in 2016 with his agritech startup — Nava Design & Innovation.

Once the robot is securely attached to the tree, it adeptly cuts and collects toddy.

The robot incorporates a "centralised closed collection technology”, allowing it to gather "fresh and contamination-free sap from multiple trees”.

Additionally, it works on AI and solar energy and leaves zero carbon footprint.

SAPER has secured patents in 28 countries, including India. Furthermore, it also won the National Startups Awards in 2020.