While marriages today are a luxurious affair, IRS officer Arya R Nair’s wedding with IPS officer Shivam Tyagi was different.

The couple tied the knot in Kerala on 27 January and they say the day couldn’t be happier.

The couple decided to celebrate the special day in their own way.

Having got married under the Special Marriage Act, the couple also sponsored the educational expenses of 20 orphans.

While relatives now appreciate what they did, the couple had quite a tough time convincing their families.

Arya said, “Every relative and friend of mine has been waiting for the day of the marriage.”

She added, “They were all eager to have a celebration running for two to three days, as that is the prevailing trend in Kerala.”

Shivam, who is posted in Ahmedabad and is from the 2020 batch, said, “In the coming years also, we would help the students at the orphanage to meet their educational expenses.”

“Our gesture would not be limited to the marriage occasion alone” he added.

The couple soon rejoined work following the wedding, with Shivam being stationed in Ahmedabad while Arya was posted in Gujarat.