Rallapalli Jagat Sai attributes his success in clearing the UPSC exam on his fifth try to the virtues of patience and perseverance.

Securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 32, he shares that he kept going even after failing four attempts to fulfil his mother’s dream.

He offers seven recommendations for anyone aiming to clear the exam effortlessly.

Rallapalli advises focusing on the execution of the answers more. He asks aspirants to put forth their ideas and focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity.

“In the GS 3, most aspirants tend to focus on economics and place less emphasis on science and technology, and internal security,” he says and advises them to pay attention to every topic, big or small.

Aspirants have a tendency to get carried away with questions they know well and fail to devote equal time to other questions. He advises, “The marginal utility in spending more time on topics you know well is very low. So, refrain from it.”

Preparing for the exam is a long and taxing process. He says, “When the need arises, please seek help from other officers or seniors who can offer assistance. Don’t hold yourself back.”

With every failed attempt, Rallapalli advises analysing the mistakes and finding the flaws. “There is no better way to learn. Work on strengthening your plusses and work harder on your flaws.”

Another critical lesson he shares was not to undermine competition. “While it is important to assess your strengths and weaknesses, one must also understand that your performance will be seen in comparison to others,” he says.

Appearing for mock interviews is helpful. “It is beneficial to find someone with whom you can discuss topics while preparing for the interview,” he says.