With the ongoing CBSE board exams, we reached out to Sanjeev Kumar, a Math teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhatinda, with over two decades of experience to share some tips and advice for preparation.

Allotting time to each subject and following a strict schedule is one of the most important tips one can give. Sanjeev says that at this stage students should ensure that they spend a minimum of one hour on every subject every day.

1. Make a schedule and follow it

Sanjeev says that by now, students must have assessed their strengths, so work on them. He asks students to revise and get better in the subjects they are confident of scoring good marks in.

2. Focus on your strengths

“Those who score above 80 percent should strive to reach 90 percent; those who fall in the 60 percent bracket should aim for 80 percent, and those who score less than 60 percent should work towards getting to a 60 percent score,” he advises.

Speaking specifically about mathematics, Sanjeev says, “Imagine you have a quadratic equation question. There are four ways of solving it. Pick the best possible way of solving the equation and concentrate on that alone.”

3. ‘It is the answer that matters’

He emphasises that the method one follows is not important; what is important is to find the right answer.

He advises students to attempt as many mock tests as possible to get a better understanding of the examination.

4. Mock tests to get better grades

Don’t forget to step away from your book from time to time. Taking frequent breaks helps in retaining things better, he advises.

5. Taking a break is important

In addition to studying and revising, he suggests that students should also explore other activities to engage their minds and body, such as participating in sports or pursuing a hobby.