As heavy rains batter the city of Bengaluru, life has come to a standstill.

Picture credits: Twitter: @dp_satish

Visuals of waterlogged areas, people wading through the streets, and cars completely damaged have been surfacing.

While the people of the city are hopeful that the waters will recede and the rains will lessen, there is another worry that plagues their minds…

…the aftermath that is left behind by the flood.

Cars across Bengaluru have been severely damaged by the heavy downpour and water entering the vehicles.

Picture credits: Twitter: @CitizenKamran

This water can clog the engine, rust the mechanical parts and cause the wires to fail. Ultimately, this would cause the vehicle to be destroyed.

If you are a vehicle owner, here’s what may help.

Restarting a car when it is clogged with water can destroy the motor further.

1. Don't restart

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Once the flood subsides and the water recedes, let the vehicle dry inside out. Use cloths for the excess water if needed.

2. Dry the vehicle

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Check for water droplets in the engine once the drying process is complete. If there is water, consult a mechanic.

3. Check the engine

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The upholstery can retain water thus making the environment in the vehicle moist and humid. Replace the floor mats, etc.

4. Replace the upholstery

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Picture credits: Twitter: ANI

Check the brakes, clutch, and all lights to assess the damage.

5. Check all components

There are two types of damage that inundated cars may face, one is engine damage and the other is accessory damage.

If you have taken car insurance, chances are the damages will be covered under it.