Did you know that one can run solar-powered air conditioners even on days when the sun plays hide and seek or it has been raining?

YouTuber Mayank Chaudhary says that although solar panels are effective in direct sunlight, they still work when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds.

On a cloudy day, the solar panels generate up to 50% of their optimum energy generation and up to 20% on a heavy rainy day, he says.

Mayank informs that many residential users are opting for an on-grid solar system as they enjoy credit for the excess power their system produces and save on their electricity bills.

In an on-grid solar system, consumers can feed surplus solar power into the state’s power grid when they don’t need it and receive a credit on their electricity bill.

Mayank suggests some things to keep in mind to maximise solar panel usage.

Do a shadow analysis before installation: Install solar panels in a place that receives the least shadow. Stay away from installing them in a place surrounded by tall trees or buildings.

Research on best solar panels before installation: Consider installing hybrid solar panels, which generate electricity from both the sun and the force of the falling rain on its surface.

Keep the panels clean: Ensure that the exterior surface of the solar panels is kept free of dust. This ensures that the generation of power remains constant.