1. P-Tal The kitchenware products at P-Tal are an attempt to revive the ‘Thathera’ metal craft which dates back to 18th-century Punjab.

2. The India Craft House The brand works with over 2,000 artisans from across Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Puducherry and Ladakh.

3. The India Craft Project When founder Saumya Pankaj took a trip through six Indian states a few years ago, she thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent in craft clusters across these places.

4. Jhappi Through Jhappi’s unique model, beneficiaries across 38 NGOs in India feel a hug of hope when they are rewarded for their skills.

5. Guddee While growing up, founder Harita Singh’s haven was the time she spent with her dolls at home.  She went on to start ‘Guddee’ as an ode to this idea.

6. Kaati The journey of the brand started in 1928 with its earliest carpets being woven with 140 knots per square inch.

7. Minimal Indian Founder Adrita Sarkar’s long stint in the fashion industry exposed her to the many facets of this glamorous world. She was intent on creating a brand rooted in minimalism.