In August 2021, Chennai couple Amritha and Harshit were all set to tie the knot. They wanted to do so in a home of their own.

They reached out to ED+ Architecture — a sustainable architecture wing of Eskay Design, established in 1988.

Today the 4,000 sq ft ‘Gully Home’ in Chennai’s Thiruvanmiyur is a 6,300 sq ft beach-facing plot with a spectacular view of the streets of Chennai.

The home has been built keeping sustainable principles in mind.

The walls are made using porotherm blocks with half-cut bricks on either side, thus forming 350 mm thick walls.

This creates double insulation that helps trap the heat entering the house.

The naturally polished kota flooring reflects the heat while the bedrooms boast terrazzo flooring — made from marble scraps and recycled glass chips.

The ceiling has a layer of terracotta with concrete poured over it.

The terracotta acts as an insulation material and keeps the home cool besides reducing the amount of concrete used.

To provide additional cooling, a swimming pool has been constructed above the central room.

The cost of the building amounted to Rs 3,800 per sq ft and Amritha and Harshit say The Gully Home has been a dream come true.

“I was taught to care for nature right from childhood. I always knew my dream home needed to reflect the values that I was brought up with,” says Amritha.