Breakfast like a king…We’ve grown up hearing the popular adage.

In India especially, this is taken very seriously; with an array of desi platters featuring lentils, fruits, fermented foods, and cooling drinks — centric to the produce grown in each region.

Today we explore what sets desi breakfasts apart from the rest of the world and why beginning your day with these meals is the healthy start you need.

Take for instance Kashmir’s girda (a traditional fermented Kashmiri bread) and kahwa, (a tropical beverage made of green tea leaves, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves).

Or the South Indian puttu kadala curry, which is a black gram dish that dates back to the 16th century when discarded rice would be used to make it.

Pic source: Chitra's Food Book

As we move westward, a Gujarati favourite is khaman dhokla, a spongy savoury cake made with gram flour.

In Eastern India, a popular breakfast staple is chakuli (fermented rice pancake).

Pic source: Kitchen Mai

With carbs, fats, protein, and fibre, one cannot deny that Indian breakfasts are a perfect example of a balanced meal.