Dr Tony Dhillon, a British doctor of Indian origin, has been pioneering a ground-breaking trial of a vaccine to treat early bowel cancer for patients globally.

This was done following a UK-Australia collaboration between scientists and doctors. Here is all you need to know about Dr Dhillon and his research:

Dr Tony is a consultant medical oncologist at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Tony’s family comes from a village called Surja in the Jalandhar district of Punjab.

It was his grandfather who relocated to the UK in the 1950s to work in a factory, as per a TOI report.

The 53-year-old was born in Maidenhead and has been spearheading the research as chief investigator.

Over the course of four years, he collaborated with Professor Tim Price in Australia to develop the vaccine.

The Cancer Research UK Southampton Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Southampton, in collaboration with the Royal Surrey and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, Australia, will conduct the recently announced trial.

Ten patient enrollment sites—six in Australia and four in the UK—will facilitate the participation of 44 individuals throughout the 18-month trial period, as per a First Post report.

The vaccine will be given to patients before surgery in hopes that it will attack the cancer to make the surgery less invasive.

The vaccine will probably support the immune system to protect the body in case of a relapse.