Bhimabai Jondhale, a 74-year-old woman from Nashik, runs a unique ‘book hotel’ called Ajjichya Pustakancha Hotel.


The hotel was born out of her sheer love for books and Marathi literature.

“As a child, I was a very keen observer. I used to love reading, and books were my best friend.  However, when I got married, everything changed,” she says. Left to deal with an alcoholic husband and tending to a family, her love for reading crumbled under pressure.

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Fed up with dealing with her husband’s alcoholism and gambling problem for decades, in 2010, she decided to leave him for good.

She moved to Nashik with her son and daughter and laid the foundation for Ajjichya Pustakancha Hotel.

The book hotel allows readers to borrow books for 15 days, which otherwise is a regular hotel.

A range of genres of books is available at her library, including spirituality, history, poetry, and science. The place boasts a depository of over 5,000 books in three different languages — Marathi, Hindi, and English.

Ajjichya Pustakancha Hotel has become a cultural hub in Nashik, attracting book enthusiasts and fostering a love for reading.