Suhas Karanth has been a foodie since his childhood. Back in his hometown in Udupi, he would hog on the food that his grandma cooked.

While in Bengaluru which boasts over 12,000 restaurants, he only had a few South Indian food options like dosas, vadas, and idlis.

Suhas says he noticed a lack of authentic Dakshina (South) Karnataka cuisine, particularly from his hometown Kundapura.

To honour its culinary legacy, he and his wife Raksha Prasad started ‘Jagli Tindi’ restaurant in J P Nagar.

Jagli Tindi, which translates to ‘food relished while sitting on a traditional deck area’ in Kannada, offers about 30 varieties of tempting Kundapura food.

Priced between Rs 15 and Rs 120, the restaurant aims to serve nutritious food to people irrespective of income backgrounds.

Today, the eatery lures up to 1,200 foodies per day with its signature food delicacies — including Mangalore buns, khotte kadabu, gasagase payasa, and more. Their mandakki upkari is among the bestsellers.

Served on a banana leaf, the delicacy is made with red puffed rice and is tossed with their ‘secret’ podi mix and onions. It is then topped with grated coconut and a good deal of peanuts.

Suhas says he does not come from any culinary background. In fact, he says, he did not even know the difference between urad (black gram) and chana dal (chickpea).

But over the years, the couple learnt everything from scratch on their own and established the restaurant by using their grandma’s recipes and recreating delicacies from South Karnataka.