1. Minus 30 Just like any other kids, Shivanie Mirchandani and Gayatri Rattha from Delhi would gorge on ice cream. This ice cream, however, was not sold by some vendor but came out of their kitchen made by their mother.

Harbouring a passion for selling her mom's since childhood, Gayatri went to Italy where she could learn the art of gelato making. She returned home and joined hands with her sister to start the brand ‘Minus 30’ in 2016.

Their vegan and sugar-free flavours include Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, French Vanilla, Green Tea Matcha, Strawberry and a lot more!

Jimmy Shah’s children loved devouring ice creams but what was available in the market had high-fat content and a lot of refined sugar. Wanting to give her kids a healthier alternative, Jimmy founded the company ‘Get-A-Whey’ alongside her kids, Pashmi and Jash.

2. Get-A-Whey

The products contain zero added sugar and are sweetened with an organic sweetener that has zero calories. Additionally, they are enriched with whey protein, making them five times richer in protein than conventional ice cream.

Born and raised in Kolkata, Tanvi Chowdhri grew up a foodie. Her love for food took her to explore new cuisines and recipes as an adult. While she was working in New York as a mechanical engineer, within a few years, she realised that her true passion was food.

3. Papacream

She came back to India and started Papacream, a vegan and gluten-free ice cream brand with unique flavours such as pani puri sorbet, nacho-cheese ice cream, an ice cream sushi, and more.

How far will you go to satiate your ice cream craving? Well, this mother-daughter duo started a whole brand! Unable to get ice creams during the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo started experimenting in their kitchen.

4. MG Icecreams

A month-long experimentation with ice cream flavours led to the inception of a brand they call ‘MG’s Homemade Ice Creams’. With no added sugar, 100 percent vegetarian, and preservative-free, these ice creams became a hit and the duo sold more than 400 tubs of handmade ice creams during the pandemic.

5. Jaatre

Shilpi Bhargava and Pavan Jambagi, the founders of Delhi’s famous Carnatic Cafe wanted to venture into frozen desserts after giving the city a taste of home-style South Indian food.

The duo decided to start selling all-natural ice creams under their brand ‘Jaatre’, which they sell in eco-friendly containers like coconut shells and terracotta tubs. These ice creams rely on the sweetness from fruits, making them 100 percent natural and vegetarian.