Run by Mohammad with his wife Asiya as the head chef, Noon’s Biryani restaurant — which serves ‘asliHyderabadi biryani in Bengaluru — is a labour of love for the couple.

Presently 63 years old, Mohammed started Noon’s Biryani nearly a decade and a half ago.

“My transport business was facing severe losses and we wanted to move back home to Hyderabad…but it was my wife who became my rock back then,” he recalls, adding that It was Asiya’s idea to stay back in Bengaluru and start a biryani business.

The couple started small with makeshift shops outside malls. Soon they started to gain popularity.

After two years, the family had finally saved enough money to start a small restaurant in Bengaluru’s HSR Layout, Sector 7.

Claiming their version to be ‘asli biryani’, Mohammad shares their secret to be his wife’s age-old recipe.

The recipe was passed down to her by Mohammad’s mother and has stayed in the family for ages.

They serve chicken biryani, mutton biryani, and egg biryani with raita and salan along with a small plate of salad.

Noon’s Biryani serves nearly 100 plates of their star dish every day and has served thousands of hungry customers so far.