We all love snacking but we’ve got to keep the calories in check. Here’s a list of seven Indian brands that will satiate you without feeling guilty.

A healthy snack brand with snacks made from traditional grains, Snaqary was founded by Anchal Abrol and Priya Puri, two mothers from Mumbai, in 2021.

1. Snaqary

They offer multigrain sticks, roasted seeds, baked biscotti, soya-coated peanuts, roasted khakhra, roasted chickpeas, and more. The product price ranges between Rs 10 and Rs 200.

Urvashi Srivastava and Shrey Arora from Uttar Pradesh launched Trick or Treat Foods in 2022 using their grandmother’s recipes for children.

2. Trick or Treat Foods

From fruit roll-ups made using fruits directly sourced from farmers, to energy bars made using chana sattu and dates, they have yummy treats for children.

Started in 2018 by Mumbai-based Rukmini Banerji, the Growing Giraffe focuses on making healthy nutritious snacks for infants, toddlers, and even adults.

3. The Growing Giraffe

They claim that their snack bars and cookies are free of trans fat, refined sugar and flour, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.

Launched by Ruchika Bhuwalka in 2018, this startup sells millet dosa and idli batter. They use traditional grains like ragi, foxtail millet, red rice and brown rice, etc.

4. Millet Amma

They also provide healthy snack options like millet bhakri, khakhra, chivda, laddoos, etc.

Launched by Jasmine Sharda and Chetan Sharda, the brand uses healthy ingredients like kale, quinoa, oats, ragi, etc, to make ghee-roasted makhanas, flavoured quinoa puffs, spiced grain sticks, kale crisps, and roasted namkeen mixes.

5. Green Snack Co

This Chennai-based startup offers ready-to-eat breakfast and snack mixes made out of traditional grains and was founded by Sanjeeta KK in 2018.

6. OGMO Foods

The brand is her effort to bring “forgotten” ancient grains back to the table. Their products are made of minor millets, which include little millet, barnyard millet, and foxtail millet.

Launched by Seema Jindal, Nourish Organics uses healthy, organic ingredients to make cookies, energy bars, breakfast cereals and more.

7. Nourish Organics

Their nutrition bars claim to have all essential plant proteins, essential vitamins and minerals and are rich in antioxidants and fibre.